Objectivism about something is the doctrine that that thing is mind-independent, absolute and nonrelative. For example, the relativist about truth holds that no proposition is true absolutely, but propositions are true or false only relative to a certain framework: a framework of times possibly, or, according to some followers of postmodernism, a framework of persons. The objectivist, by contrast, holds that at least some propositions are true absolutely, that is, they are not true 'relative to' anything. Many philosophers that are not relativists about all truths are still relativists about certain truths. For example, the ethical relativist holds that no ethical proposition is true absolutely, but that they are all true or false relative to times, cultures or subjects. The ethical objectivist denies this, and holds that some ethical propositions are absolutely true.
   Further reading: Helm 1987; Hill, Daniel J. 2005; Nagel 1986; Rorty 1991; Wright 1987

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